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“Keely, I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us with the storytelling and improv session – it was perfect for what we were looking to do with our group!  Everyone had excellent feedback about you and how they felt about the sessions.  I will definitely be thinking about how we can bring you to the Willard to work with our department heads or our entire management team – they would get so much out of your sessions.”

Kimberly Allen-Mills   

Area Director of Human Resources 

InterContinental Hotel Group – The Americas 


“Keely Kirk is amazing! In just two hours’ time she transformed our team (all but 2 are introverts) into a cohesive, creative, no-holds-barred group who had so much fun that we forgot we were learning! Keely showed us that the rules of improv are actually the rules of life, and by living by improv’s tenants, we can become better humans in this world. I so look forward to our next training!”

Jane Collins   – Communications/Volunteer Manager

Community Lodgings

“Keely today was wonderful and you’re simply amazing…we had such a great time and learned a lot! We’ll definitely have you come back for a tune up some time! Thanks for all that you do. You are SUPER!!”

Kari Galloway – Executive Director 

Friends of Guest House

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