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Team Talk


Are you looking for a fun, fast-paced, interactive program customized to meet your professional or personal needs?


Humans learn better when they are enjoying themselves!

The same tools that allow actors to get up onstage and make up stories and scenes also teach skills that are valuable to the workplace and life. We design workshops which are a combination of facilitated activities with the whole group, pairs and smaller groups.  We take time to debriefing after each exercise. 


For example a presentation skills goal, our exercises would focus on empathy and connecting with an audience as well as storytelling.  You will learn ways to craft stories that are engaging for an audience.  


If your goal is confidence, the exercises would focus on taking risks and failing cheerfully, staying in the moment, and conveying presence and body language appropriate to different situations. 


Improvisation techniques build an environment where people communicate and connect so they:

listen more attentively

become more adaptable

discover creative possibilities

increase the flow of ideas

Organizations benefit when employees are allowed to be creative and adaptable. Improv can fine-tune communication, leadership, and collaboration skills.  Our training is most effective because it teaches these skills while your employees have a great time.

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