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Would you like to provide an unforgettable learning experience for your employees that builds stronger teams, improves communication and promotes innovative thinking?

Choose 1-2  training topics below for a comprehensive improv experience!

We will then customize any of the concepts below and allow time for strategizing and problem solving.

Accepting change              Embracing Failure             Risk Taking

Innovative Leadership       Creative Spontaneity         Team Collaboration         

Nonverbal Cues                 Original Storytelling            Creativity                               

Present Moment                Team Bonding                     Trust

Whether it’s team building, creative risk taking, enhanced communication 

Playing Outside the Lines will create a customized training program to fit your organizations needs.

Fun, fast-paced, unique interactive programs for any size group that will help your team…

Build group cohesiveness 

Develop trust and leadership

Promote innovative thinking 

Encourage original ideas

Improve team communication 

and more…

Give us a call and we’ll create a unique program for your needs.

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